January 21, 2008

The Art of Marrying Well...

We are so proud to be a part of the Kessler Collection and we invite you to learn more about these amazing and inspiring hotels. Through the use of distinctive architecture, stylish interior design, rare art and music, Kessler Collection guests are treated to unique hotel experiences. While themes may vary, our service does not. Gracious hospitality and thoughtful amenities create even more reasons for guests to return again and again. Consider...marrying at the Grand Bohemian and honeymooning in Savannah at the Mansion on Forsyth Park! Or how about a bridesmaids getaway to the charming Sundy House in Delray Beach! Taos, New Mexico is home to the southwest retreat of El Monte Sagrado Living Resort & Spa, and the Beaver Creek Lodge is minutes away from some of the best snow skiing in Colorado! The Celebration Hotel is a warm and romantic resort in the quaint town of Celebration, Florida. And many more! Click here to see a slideshow of real weddings held at the unique Kessler Collection properties. We invite you to visit them all!

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